Thursday, October 29, 2009

Episode 1- Introductions and Inscription


This is our first show, and on it, we introduce ourselves, and then talk about:
  • Some patch 3.3 changes (like transmute titanium)
  • The MMO-Champion articles
  • Inscription
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Welcome to the Call To Auction Podcast!

Hi folks! This show is all about the World of Warcraft economy and gold making. Your hosts are Markco from Just My Two Copper, and Euripides from OutDPS. Every week (or thereabouts) you will find your iTunes, RSS podcast feeder, or browser filled with our collective wisdom.

We'll talk about any effect news will have on the economy, do a deep dive on at least one gold making business a week, and we'll answer reader questions!

To ask us a question, threaten us, or just say hi, send an email to!