Monday, November 1, 2010

Episode 20

Yet another slightly out of date podcast! This was recorded immediately after 4.0.1 launched, and we talk mostly about addons.

For the record, here's the RSS feed for our episodes, and here's the iTunes link. You can also find us on iTunes by searching for "call to auction".

The opening track is called Change


  1. Hey guys. Thought I'd link to the post I made on reddit about addons as although you just published episode 20, it's very out of date now in regards to addons.

    Of particular note is that Zero Auctions has been superceded by Auction Profit Master, Altoholic's working and KTQ has also been updated.

  2. Another item of note is to check out Scroll Master. In short it scan the AH for enchanting mats, find what's profitable and create a craft queue for you.

    In addition (this part is HUGE), it will create APM groups for each scroll, and you can export the current market prices to be the threshold for the scroll.

    We are in the infancy of creating similar functionality for all professions and bring in APM as well into one "suite" of addons, but for now you can use APM and Scroll Master in tandem very nicely.

  3. 15:17 I am a stay at home dad who is able to log in and check the AH every hour if I wanted to...Does that mean I am a stupid person who cant get a real job?

    Pretty shitty thing to say just because your upset you cant find Saronite Ore for 12 gold. Stop QQing and stop putting your fans down by insulting people who can find deals when you cant.

  4. I would like a way to place a "buy order." I was surprised to find E's suggestion had *publicly visible* buy orders. I.e., you could do the same thing with the buys being hidden and the AH doing it automatically, say every hour. So I would place a buy order for the 12g saronite and every few minutes the server could buy them for me and the poster does not see a difference if it was someone camping the AH, and auto-snatcher, or a buy order.

    It would cost me gold since I do snatch a few times a day. But it is weird that there is no way for someone who wants to sell immediately to do so other than vendor.

    Personally, I think an inverse BG AH would solve some problems. You can place a battlegroup wide buy order (with cross-faction high fees); no sell orders. So even if you are on an unprogressed realm, you can get stuff (closing realms is bad PR). A CBA person can sell immediately without having to accept vendor price.