Monday, December 27, 2010

Episode 24

This week, we briefly cover all the professions and how they're doing in the first little bit of Cataclysm.

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The opening track is called Change


  1. Hey guys,

    I just started up with Cataclysm. I found this episode interesting, but alot was above my head, as I've just gotten to Northrend. I've been enjoying crafting, but mistakenly took engineering on my main character with Engineering. I'm 68 and only have 1000 gold right now, so it looks like fast flying will be out for awhile. What should I be doing as an engineer to make money, or should I just be doing mining runs? I'm going to work on getting to the Electrostatic Condenser, and Wormhole Generator, that you discuss this show, as those are both within the realm of possibility for me, I just haven't gotten Engineering that high yet. Is there any other possibilities?

    I imagine I'm not the only one returning, or starting at Cataclysm, there seems to be more excitement around it than Wrath. So looking back if you were to restart today, what would your strategy be? Which skills would you start with, and what class, and why?

  2. If you wanted to do a newb one-off episode for Cataclysm, here's some other questions. What are good add-ons, what are mandatory? Are there simpler replacements that work well, in your experience, for Auctioneer? (Sometime a full scan takes over 20 minutes for me, I just need price watching, and disenchant info in the tooltip. Plus my character load in time is much greater with Auctioneer installed.) What about crafting add-ons? What should be my early strategy, money through trading, or leveling up. Is the auction-house game mainly an endgame activity?

    If you choose to address any of these questions, thanks a lot, otherwise, thanks a lot for the show, I look forward to learning more in the future.

  3. Last one, I swear; what are good internet resources for crafting and gold making?

  4. Clyde's already said what I had come here to ask for in his second post. As someone returning to Cataclysm, I'm finding the addons I had been using are getting on my nerves. Both GnomeWorks and Skillet are somehow reporting the wrong number of reagents and not realising that some of those I can make myself, so they don't even queue them. It would be nice to see what addons you guys use for each profession and why.

  5. Hello, many things to say but I'll keep it short. @ Alexandra, try ATSW(Advanced Trade Skill Window). I think you are all mad if u are doing anything but storing ur Pyrite Ore for when they will procpect epic gems, I know not a guarantee but pretty close. Just listened to the show and cant remember how much u said about carnelian spikes, make em de em i am making 150% off of them. To give u an idea of pricing i buy Carnelian for 20g or less and the jc settings are 1.2g ea so about 65-70g to craft per and GCE's are going for 70g min+ and Dust is about 17min+. Ok now for science :) i lot of 20 gave 48 GCE's and 14 dust, 2nd lot of 20 gave 34 GCE's and 33 dust and 3rd lot gave a ridculous 54 GCE's and 4 dust. u do the math :) Im sorry but i dont know how u didnt make money lvling JC. I paid for 5 profs to 525 and BS to 510 and was clearing 3-4k a day after that. Great show keep it up ta :)

  6. So...

    When are we getting a new episode? I've been waiting and hoping we would get one in January, but now I'm scared it'll be a while before you guys get around to another episode.

  7. I have a few questions, but is this podcast dead now?

  8. Please for the sake of god, either get your act together and release a show every week or twice a month or just tell us all the show is over and dead now.

    Seriously, it's not that hard to get three people together once a week for an hour show. If you can't at least 2 two shows a month, if thats too hard for you then why bother to do a podcast?

    I am slowly growing tired of Podcast after podcast being what could be pretty good and are good end up going south like this. At least you could do is be actively updating the site with news, and tips. But going over a month with not ONE word is very sad and IMO disrespectful to your fan base.