Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Episode 40


And, of course, by "tomorrow", we mean "next week". Here's episode 40, and we'll be recording 41 tomorrow :)

Here's the RSS feed for our episodes, and here's the iTunes link. You can also find us on iTunes by searching for "call to auction". To ask a question, simply email calltoauction@gmail.com!

The opening track is called Change


  1. Awesome! I've been looking forward to this next one. Just started getting back into the Shuffle and trying to make sense of TSM. It might be cool if you guys talked a bit one episode about what it's best used for, and what it's not so good at. I'm still unsure if it's the tool for me.

    I also still don't quite get what is meant by "market value" either...

    1. Looking forward to this episode too - hopefully not on conference phone audio this week! ;)

      I would also really appreciate if you guys devoted some time to talk about TSM in some detail. I already use it but not sure if I am really getting the best out of it that I could.

  2. Did you know the lyrics to your theme music are explicit?