Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Episode 16

This time, we talk about inscription, the currency exchange, and a bunch of reader emails.

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The opening track is called Change


  1. Yay double rainbow joy in the form of two cta podcasts in a week

  2. Yay! I will never get any work done at this rate :-)

  3. I was listening to your latest podcasts earlier today and remember part of the discussion about obtaining current pricing and how it can be time consuming. One thing I've done to help with getting quick current prices with Auctioneer data is instead of doing a full scan, I keep one of each item that I sell/use regularly in my inventory and use the appraiser to update those items. Since the appraiser shows you all items of a particular type in the window you don't need to tab through several pages of auctions and you get your updated pricing. So for example, if I just want to list some titansteel bars I refresh the appraiser window for titansteel bars, titanium bars, saronite ore, and the elementals. Another way this saves you time is if you want pricing on uncut scarlet rubies use the appraiser since it eliminates the sorting out of all the cut gems in the list. Also, when I switch characters to do transmutes have my new pricing without waiting several minutes for a complete scan. Hope this was helpful.

  4. The droprate on the tome of polylmorph: turtle is definitely not 100% drop rate. I just went in there last night and it didn't drop. I've only received the book once in six attempts.