Monday, October 4, 2010

Episode 17

Epic gem cooldown removal, more inscription, inventory management, and reader emails!

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The opening track is called Change


  1. Just wanted to make a comment about the battered hilt being on a vendor. In the 3.3 PTR, the hilts were on a vendor for testing the quest.

    I would not expect to see hilts on a vendor when 4.0.1 or Cataclysm goes live.

  2. What is the auction website the guys visit? Or blog or forums they mentioned? I've been hopping around in past episodes trying to find a mention, or even a link here on this site.

  3. It's and

  4. Yeah as I've already email them about that. The battered hilt is always a free item on the PTR and in beta (which I've been in since the public beta started) and its always been free. Once it goes live that will be removed.

    I think it was a bad idea that you guys didn't come out right away with some sort of clip saying you where wrong on that. Just think how many people listen and then stoppped fliping the battered hilt.

    Hope to hear episode 18 soon.