Monday, October 11, 2010

Episode 19

Hi folks! Two things you should know- first, this was released out of sequence, but we recorded it the evening of the 11th of October, 2010. The reason it's going up so fast is that it's all about the patch that will be dropping tonight on the servers: patch 4.0.1. Business strategy for 4.0.1 is the main topic, and we didn't get time to do any emails. Episode 18 is still in the sausage machine and will be posted approximately whenever I get time to edit it.

Second, Bigjimm is a son of a very nice woman with very bad luck.

For the record, here's the RSS feed for our episodes, and here's the iTunes link. You can also find us on iTunes by searching for "call to auction".

The opening track is called Change


  1. so happy i stocked 75 books of glyph mastery and the AH is empty on them atm. it's going to be profit wednesday for the EU servers :D

  2. OMG! Only gold buyers, gold sellers, hackers or botters could do any of the things that you're talking about or have the amounts of gold that you must have. Therefore this whole entire podcast is ridiculous and suspect.

    Seriously though, another great podcast! As somebody who has almost reached the gold cap (Pre-Cataclysm, anyway) using some of your tips and strategies I think it's great that you continue to take the time to try to teach us AH newbies.

  3. I noticed that Marco did not mention that he was with the Castaclysm podcast. I hope that doesn't mean that they are throwing in the towel. Call to Auction and Castaclysm are my two favorite wow podcasts.

    On a side note, I was caught completely off guard on how great the demand for glyphs were going to be after 4.01. I made a good amount of gold on Tuesday, I just wished I heard this podcast before the patch.