Thursday, August 9, 2012

Episode 33


This week, Euripides and Stede discuss transferring gold between realms and the ebay TCG card market. Thanks to SynthParadox, who volunteered to help edit and record these at the strangest hours we're both available.

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The opening track is called Change

1 comment:

  1. 1) re the LW leg enchant, the pattern requires rep with factions. So availability will be postponed a bit and profits will be higher at first than from vendor trained recipes. ( I loathe this design for my alts. )

    2) the story about VP is still changing and different than what was announced in the press tour.

    several factions selling actual gear not just enhancements and "chance for a new roll" that were already discussed.


    At 30 VP per heroic, a 2250 head takes 75 heroics over 3 weeks.

    I also am very skeptical about the VotA. In Cata, I can nearly cap five alts with 34 heroics. Before some daily bonuses, it will take 34 heroics per week for the main and at least 17 for you alts. (Note if you main caps on Monday, then you will receive ZERO VotA bonus since the bonus occurs after capping. So doing 34 heroics on Tuesday is more helpful than doing 5 a day.

    3) I dislike what is happening to DMC. They are pretty low level (6 above Brefest, 7 below LFR trinks) So you have a six weeks over the next 18 months to make DMC for decent profit. Brewfest means players will have a 470 so a single LFR drop takes them out of the market. And to blow a cooldown and get a bad card will be so disappointing. My favorite profession item totally eviscerated. /sigh