Thursday, August 23, 2012

Episode 34


This week, Euripides and Stede discuss the darkmoon card market, the Blizzard clarifications on Spirits of Harmony, and the way we'll be able to generate Harmonies through farming with the Tillers. Thanks to SynthParadox for his help editing and recording, as always.

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The opening track is called Change


  1. Another great podcast. TYVM!

    Hello, my name is Hagu and I am a DMC addict.

    1) I was horrified at the 2,000g price for a card; it sure seems like it will be more expensive during the October faire.

    2) I also think that that paying 200% to 300% of the "average" price of a card changes the # of cards/effort to get a deck. I.e. it is much higher odds of getting 7 of 8 than 8 of 8. And even if cards average selling for 2k (/cry), if your deck will be worth 10k more this month than next, the incremental value of buying from the spot market is high.

    3) It could be my addiction, but being able to sell a deck during this 100k cycle instead of next month's 50k cycle (e.g. w/e you think the drastic depreciation will be0 would be a valuable use of the card.

    4) Initially, I think the "competition" for DMC will be for people wanting one of the three BOA epic staves for themselves. All the cool kids will say they will get better from raiding quickly. But weapons can be a pain to acquire. But they cost 20 c/d. But they are BoA. ...

  2. Enjoyed the podcast, but I just wanted to give a quick correction to Euripides, who said something to the effect of "when the Faire's in town for your faction". The DMF has never technically been faction-specific, as the NPCs themselves have always been neutral, although there were of course some challenges if you were on a PvP server.

    Since 4.3, though, it's been on the neutral Darkmoon Island, which is a Sanctuary and can be reached from either of the Faire's former locations (which you can actually reach from Stormwind or Orgrimmar for a very small fee). Nothing's preventing you from going to the Darkmoon Faire every time it rolls around.