Saturday, February 27, 2010

Episode 6


We discuss
Markco's new mic!
Frost Lotus drop rate increse
Leatherworking- leg armors, Drums and profession bags.
If you must have the gathering profession to go with a crafting profession.
Markco's pet project
A response from Euripides to the Arrows scam
-A bunch of listener emails!

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The opening track is called Change

Also sorry about the delay in posting. My work has been incredibly busy. Hopefully the next episode will be released much closer to the recording date.


  1. I don't know where you found that frost lotus drop rate has increased..I check today and did not see it..Please help.
    I was so happy today to get the latest podcast...You guys do a fantastic job.

  2. Markco gets a crit with new mic. The fidelity is great. Looking forward to the Engineering episode, so I can ride to the rescue for my sad engineering raid team member.

  3. Great show guys, I just discovered it a couple days and have listened to all the episodes so far. Looking forward to more! Keep up the great work!

  4. I'm loving this new show & am learning loads - thank you all sooooo much!
    What was that forum y'all referred to in the show? Something with initials, G-something-something?
    Though not new to the game, I am new to paying attention to the economy of it, and if there are forums out there, I'm glad for any heads-up as to which ones are worthwhile.
    And ya know, it ain't the gold so much that I'm finding interesting, as the human behavior that affects the market like it does. Fascinating, really, from a socialogical point of view.

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  6. Hey Guys!
    I just started following your podcast a couple of weeks ago. But this episode is really bad audio on it. You all sound like monsters. I have tried redownloading it as mp3 and in itunes. But still the sound is really strange.

    Other then that keep up the good work! I just 100k myself, just on glyphs :) I just started with gems and bags and it is supplementing my income nicely :)

  7. SQUEEEEE!!!!

    hugs & smooches for Markco!

  8. When's next episode it's been a week

  9. Unfortunatly none of our scheduales are syncing up at the moment. The next episode will be released as soon as its recoreded.

  10. Euripides and I did an episode, it will be out soon.

  11. Very entertaining podcast!

    The chemistry between the three of you is great. This podcast is easy on the ears while providing a stream of useful information.

    Keep up the great work.


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