Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Episode 7


We discuss
3.3.3 changes
A bunch of listener emails!

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The opening track is called Change


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  2. How's the weekly thing going for you guys? :P

  3. Very sad to Faeghleis go!!!!
    But always go over time...never end the show early cause of us...
    Another great podcast!!!
    Thanks for the free tips!

  4. I don't know if this has been said but the way the weights work in the enchant mats search is as follows.

    Each weight represents what you value that item at in relation to the market price. By sliding that up and down you can adjust it. For example in my disenchant search I set strange dust to be 30% of the market value because otherwise I end up with bags and bags full of it. That means that if I buy an item to DE and get strange dust I know I'm making a 70%ish profit.

    For the enchantmats tab the weights do the same thing. If you want to search for only greater cosmics and items that DE to greater cosmics then set all of the other weights to zero and leave greater cosmics at 100%. This will give you all of the cosmics and items that DE into cosmics at or below market value.

    If you are desperate for cosmics can can set the weight to more than 100%. Just note that when you do the search the pct column will now reflect what you value the item at instead of the percent of market value.

    However if you're running a DISENCHANT search regularly you can go to your enchantrix options and change the weights in there. In this case you would want to slide the weight bar up to a higher percent showing that you value it more. Don't go higher than whatever your Min Discount is set to in your disenchant search unless you're willing to pay more than market price for the item. This method is useful if you're ALWAYS out of a certain item or always overstocked (hence why I dropped strange dust down). This is also a good way to make a bit of profit on the side with your enchanter.

    I'm mutually sure this information is correct. Feel free to spread it around.

    That's MY two copper,

    ~Appleflap of Stonemaul

    P.S. I'm not sure whether the Min Discount slider and the weights sliders in enchantrix options combine multiplicatively or additively. I assume they are additive and that if your discount is 30% and you're weight is 130% then you're buying at market value. It could be the case, though, that you would be buying at 30% of 130% which is 91% of market value. Either way you won't be exceeding market value unless you set the weight bar in enchantrix options higher than your min discount.