Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Special Announcement


Attention Call to Auction listeners!

The following has been decreed!
At 7:30 PM eastern time on Sunday, the 28th of March, there shall be a give away unprecedented in the history of WoW gold podcasts.

Faeghleis is trying to decide what to do with his gold before his retirement until Cataclysm. He has decided to give a 20,000 gold prize to the lucky, skilled, intrepid, valiant, lucky character who wins our contest!

The first contestant to open a trade window with Faeghleis, a dwarf hunter on the Onyxia-US realm, while flagged pvp will get the bounty!

Well, we're not making this that easy for you. You will have to go through Markco to get to Faeghleis. Markco is a level 80 prot warrior gladiator pvp enthusiast, who will be doing his utmost to prevent you from getting to Faeghleis.

They will both be in the cave to the southern end of coldridge valley, the dwarven starting area. You must be level 3 or under to win the prize, you must be flagged, and you must be in the call to auction guild.

Show up a few minutes early to get an invite to the guild.

The prize money will be awarded on the Khaz'goroth US server- if you want to transfer it from there to your primary server, that's your choice. There will, however, be a Faeghleis sized hole in the Khaz'Gorath economy soon after the end of this contest.

More details may be announced later this week so keep stay posted.


  1. That's Awesome, I sure hope you fraps the event for all the EU fans

  2. Rest assured that there will be videos made of the event.

  3. EU player here, so really looking forward to the footage to come. It better include a shot where Marcko shockwaves ten lvl 1's at once :D

  4. Fantastic News!!!!!!!!!!
    Can't wait...

  5. Sounds like it should be a great time, can't wait to watch the footage. Sadly I have hockey at that exact time and won't be able to come live :[

  6. tbh i might re-roll US server now. Have been waiting for a reason for some time now. 20k free gold seems ok to me:P

  7. The engineer auctioneer in Dalaran is in the same building where you train for engineering. It's right across from the building where the daily JC quest giver is.

    Look for the little robot guy on the counter.

  8. Awesome!
    I don't have anycharacters on this realm but I was so Excited that Thursday night I created 2 new characters. The first character is a bank alt just to see how much gold I can make. I just want to deck my competitor toon as cool as possible.

    In about 2 hours I leveled a Dwarf Warrior named Marcco (I got 2 pst lol's already) to 8. I picked herbalism as a profession because there is so many herbs right by stormwind. I scanned the auction house twice and at 10:30PM I posted all the meat and herbs I got with a 20% undercut to try to earn some gold as fast as possible. Friday Morning at 5:00AM no sales so I scanned the auction house and spent 15 minutes farming herbs. I am just waiting for someone to post that they are paying for guild signatures. Once I get 10-20G I can start to really work the AH
    Duffus 80 Mage -Azuremyst US

  9. Hey wrench even if you don't win the event, whisper me and I'll toss you some gold to get started. Markcolol is my dk bank alt on alliance side.

  10. The gold is coming from my home Server and on my birthday - totally going to be there :D

  11. Thanks for the offer. The AH on this server is Not very active. I took your advice and looked for mid leveling blocks. I found some adamantite powder for 2% of market value. 2 hours later I was 47g richer. :)

  12. The event was a big success lots of fun...I did not win...but it was over much faster than I thought.

  13. Is there any video of the event?
    I had s great time my son told me that making a Drania dance in her underware was just wrong. :)


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